Talent Analytics for Effective Talent Management

How can you predict performance of new hires?  Identify talent profiles and capability gapsBenchmark your talent?

Are you hiring quickly enough?  Objectively and diversely enough?  Demonstrating ROI on development interventions?

How much more effective could your HR function be, indeed your entire organisation, if you could answer and react to these questions – quickly and rigorously?  Time to find out…

What is Talent Analytics and what does it mean for you?

Talent Analytics for Effective Talent ManagementEmployee data offers a huge source of insight to organisations. In the current technology-driven business environment, an analytical approach to this data is critical to HR’s success. The results can be used to help predict the potential and performance of employees, enhance talent strategy, support diversity and more.

Our data-driven, evidence-based approach and psychological expertise ensure that we can convert raw data into actionable people strategy.  This approach is made possible through the use of our online platform, Apollo, which allows the systematic collection and analysis of data from reliable and valid assessments.

We’ve long been dedicated to helping our clients align their business strategy with their people strategy, and the evidence Apollo generates facilitates this alignment in a very powerful way – when combined with the experience and expertise of our occupational psychologists, you’ll be able to put evidence-based action plans in place that you know will get results.

Talent Analytics made simple

Mercer recently reported that organisations have “put investments in technology ahead of HR skill development – making it challenging to capture the value of their system implementations.”  The CIPD add that “it’s clear that many organisations overlook HR’s biggest source of informed analytical insight, namely behavioural scientists. Psychologists with occupational and business backgrounds, as well as those coming from an experimental background, have an affinity with measurement statistics and data.”

So, while technology is clearly the key to capturing talent data, you’ll only be able to maximise the value of it through detailed analysis undertaken by skilled psychologists.

Here at a&dc we’ve been collecting and analysing data relating to assessment and development since day one – it’s at the core of everything we do.  Our highly skilled occupational psychologists can help you to make sense of your data, wherever it’s collected and held, creating sophisticated algorithms that will answer your challenging business questions.  These algorithms can be embedded within the Apollo platform to enhance future prediction and the results provide powerful metrics that can really make a difference to your business.

How can we help?

Supported by data collected through Apollo, we’ve utilised our analysis expertise to enhance talent management processes, design algorithms to predict future performance and provide clients meaningful insights about their people.

Examples of key benefits that our clients have experienced as a direct result of our people analytics expertise include:

  • Identification of talent profiles and capability gaps
  • Optimised performance prediction for assessment
  • Talent benchmarking that outputs meaningful, actionable results
  • Performance benchmarking within the organisation that supports and enhances people strategy
  • Diversity and fairness audits to increase diversity within the organisation
  • Demonstration of tangible ROI on HR interventions, via our model of Greatest Certainty
  • Evidence-based recommendations to support your talent processes

How are organisations really using Talent Analytics?

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