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Seigo’s Head of Strategic Change (VirtualAC)

Category: Day in the Life


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ManagementManufacturing / Production / Warehousing / Publishing
E - Executive & Senior Management

E - Executive & Senior Management



One 2 one

One 2 one

Exercise Timings

VirtualAC Tutorial and Instructions20

IFP Exercise195

PRF Participant Review15


Decisiveness / Flexibility / Initiative / Integrity / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Judgement / Leadership / Persuasive Oral Communication / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Strategic Perspective / Stress Tolerance


*** This is an Online Business Simulation Exercise delivered through our VirtualAC Platform. ***


In this ‘day-in-the-life’ exercise, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Head of Strategic Change at Seigo, an international toy manufacturing company. The exercise is made up of three different components: an email section (similar to an Inbox or Inbasket), an Analysis Exercise with a briefing call and an Internal Interview Simulation (or roleplay). In the email section of the exercise, the Participant is faced with tensions between two senior staff members, a request for recommendations based on the outputs of an engagement survey, and issues regarding sustainability within the toy industry. In the Analysis exercise the Participant has to review data and information relating to Seigo’s performance in the Asia-Pacific region, and in the Interview Simulation they meet with a Senior Level Peer, with whom they need to build rapport and raise some specific issues.

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