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Public Sector Agency (VirtualAC, Express)

Category: In Basket Exercises


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General ManagementGenericPublic / Local Government
D - Middle Management

D - Middle Management

Exercise Timings

VirtualAC Tutorial10 mins

In-Basket60 mins

Participant Review15 mins


Commercial Awareness / Delegation / Initiative / Judgement / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis


*** This is an Online Business Simulation Exercise delivered through our VirtualAC Platform. A paper version of this Exercise is also available. ***


The Participant assumes the role of a Regional Director of a Public Sector Agency responsible for the collation and ongoing analysis of demographic data within the UK. The In-Basket contains issues relating to staff, such as recruitment, staff development and the results of a recent Employee Opinion Survey, as well as some issues with direct reports. It also contains items regarding the use of new technology for data analysis, commercial opportunities for the use of their data and various other strategic initiatives.

Need this exercise in US English?  A US version of this exercise may be available on request – please contact us for more details.

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