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Management Trainee Scheme (Express)

Category: In Basket Exercises


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ManagementGenericManufacturing / Production / Warehousing / Publishing
B - Graduate

B - Graduate



Exercise Timings

Administrator's Instructions5 mins

In-Basket45 mins

Participant Review10 mins


Attention to Detail / Decisiveness / Initiative / Judgement / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Written Communication


The Participant takes on the role of a recently recruited graduate who is on the company's Management Trainee Scheme. The scheme is comprised of a series of 3-month placements working on a series of special projects, aimed at giving the individual a broad understanding of the organisation. The Exercise scenario involves the Participant managing a range of issues related to a new set of projects. Items within the In-Basket include emails, circulars and correspondence and the Participant has to process these items within the allotted time.

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