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Factory HR Manager (Express)

Category: In Basket Exercises


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General ManagementHuman ResourcesGenericManufacturing / Production / Warehousing / Publishing
C - First-Line Management

C - First-Line Management



Exercise Timings

Administrator's Instructions5 mins

In-Basket60 mins

Participant Review10 mins


Decisiveness / Delegation / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Written Communication


The Participant assumes the role of a Factory HR Manager of a leading motor components manufacturer. Supported by a small team, the Factory HR Manager is responsible for all HR matters at several sites and this entails managing a wide range of correspondence from various levels within the organisation. The issues raised relate to selection, appraisal, training & development, internal communications, rewards and disciplinary matters. Participants are not required to display specific knowledge of HR practices or legal principles, beyond what would be expected of any line manager.

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