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Cantleland Funding Initiative (Written Report)

Category: Analysis Exercises - Written Report


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Public / Local Government
C - First-Line Management

C - First-Line Management



Exercise Timings

Administrator's Instructions5 mins

Analysis & Report Writing90 mins

Optional Briefing45 mins

Participant Review10 mins


Commercial Awareness / Creativity / Decisiveness / Flexibility / Judgement / Listening / Persuasive Oral Communication / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Strategic Perspective / Written Communication


The participant assumes the role of a newly-appointed member of the County Council of Cantleland.  The Council is eligible for a Development Grant and Promotional Grant from the UK Government. The participant must make recommendations about how the money from each grant should best be spent. They are provided with a mixture of qualitative and quantitative information about each of the potential development projects and promotional activities, the profile of the County and visitors to it, and the views of interest groups and the media for some of the projects under consideration.

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