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Benchmarking for Superior Service

Category: Analysis Exercises - Presentation


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General ManagementGenericProfessional Services
D - Middle Management

D - Middle Management



Exercise Timings

Administrator's Instructions5 mins

Anlaysis & Preparation90 mins

Presentation40 mins

Participant Review10 mins


Attention to Detail / Commercial Awareness / Creativity / Decisiveness / Flexibility / Impact / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Judgement / Listening / Openness to Change / Persuasive Oral Communication / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Quality Standards


The Participant assumes the role of a General Manager within a service organisation, who has been asked by the Marketing Director to do an analysis of the level of service provided in comparison with competitors. The Participant is provided with a large amount of numerical data in tabular and graphical form as well as textual information relating to feedback from customers and reports on general industry trends. The Marketing Director has asked for a report highlighting appropriate conclusions and recommendations for action.

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