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A Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting your Exercises

To ensure that you select the correct Exercise for your needs, we recommend that you consider four simple questions:

1. What are you measuring?

Start by clarifying what skills are needed to be effective in the target role, or the ‘Competencies’ for measuring a person’s performance. These are the skills required for the role you have in mind, eg Teamwork, Problem Analysis, Leadership, etc.

2. How do you want to measure these skills?

People generally work in three ways: alone, with one other person, or in a group. You will need to determine the balance of these working situations within your target role in order to select appropriate Exercises.

3. What level is the role?

Your Exercises must accurately reflect the variety and demands of your target role. From the 5 levels a&dc has identified, you must determine which is most suited to your target role. Please note that you can order up or down one level if required.

4. What is the Exercise setting?

While Assessment Centre Exercises are simulations of work tasks, they must be set in a credible context. Our Exercises are set in the environment of fictitious organisations, in particular industry settings and within specific business functions.