Your Virtual Assessment Centre: Day-in-the-Life Exercises Now Available!

Following the successful launch of our virtual assessment centre platform, VirtualAC™, we’re pleased to announce our NEW management and leadership Virtual Day-in-the-Life exercises!

VirtualAC - Virtual Assessment PlatformThe four new exercises each include three components set within the same fictional organisation: email issues that require a response (similar to an Inbox or Inbasket), an Analysis Exercise including a briefing call and an Interview Simulation (or Roleplay). The exercises are available for three management and leadership levels and are run online via the VirtualAC™ platform, so you can benefit from all the features of the system. The ‘Day-in-the-Life’ format provides an immersive candidate experience, whilst allowing for a comprehensive assessment of a candidate across multiple exercises and competencies.

Four NEW Exercises!

Strides Customer Engagement Manager – Level C (First Line Management)

Set within a luxury international gym and health club chain, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Customer Engagement Manager within the Marketing team.

Golden Square – Level D (Middle Management)

This exercise is set within Professional Services firm, Golden Square. The Participant assumes the role of a newly-appointed Senior Manager.

GC Regional Manager – Level D (Middle Management)

In this exercise, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Regional Commercial Manager for Groupe Chamont, an international manufacturer of soft drinks.

Seigo’s Head of Strategic Change – Level E (Executive and Senior Management)

Within this day-in-the-life exercise, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Head of Strategic Change at Seigo, an international toy manufacturing company.

Why use Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercises?

  • Saving you time and money – administer and mark exercises quickly and easily in any location, giving you a fast process with global consistency.
  • Helping you make high-quality decisions – akin to an online Assessment Centre, the multiple exercise format allows you to comprehensively assess the Participant on key competencies for your given role.
  • Promoting your employer brand – Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercises provide an engaging, immersive, and realistic assessment experience for the Participant, enhancing your employer brand.

How do they work?

Participants are presented with information and issues to deal with through a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents and organisation charts. Using the simulated online desktop, participants can be asked to respond to emails, write documents or reports and schedule meetings in their calendar.  These new exercises also incorporate multimedia formats (video and voicemails), further adding to realism and participant engagement.

Assessors can access and mark participant outputs online using our streamlined marking system, which incorporates our SmartScoring™ formula. This system can cut assessor marking time by 30%, compared to paper-based marking.

What do our clients say about VirtualAC?

“In the last month we have assessed around 100 candidates [using VirtualAC].  We have found that clients really enjoy it as it speeds up the assessment process and it demands less time from them in terms of booking out accommodation in order to carry out “hard copy” assessment exercises.  Candidates find the exercises challenging but they “feel real.”  Where clients are using this online option they find it allows them to focus on other aspects of the assessment process when the candidates actually appear in front of them.  We are very excited about this online development.”

Colin Moreland FCIPD, Head of Assessment & Development (Scotland & Northern Ireland), Capita

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