What can be learnt from the BBC scandals?

After the recent scandals at the BBC, director-general George Entwistle was forced to resign last week, after only 54 days in the role. As a result, trustees of The BBC’s governing body are meeting tomorrow to finalise plans to appoint a new director-general. Not only does this highlight the importance of having a succession plan in place, but it also raises an interesting issue in terms of their recruitment process.

It’s understood that the BBC Trust is keen to consider an external candidate to replace Entwistle, which could have several benefits. While an internal applicant would already be familiar with how the BBC works and perhaps would need less training, hiring an employee from outside of your business brings in fresh ways of thinking. It’s important for any company to be able to develop organisational agility – the ability to perceive, notice and react to the environment – and an ‘outsider’ can help with this. They will be much better able to think outside the box and come up with new ideas based on their previous place of work and past experiences…

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News Archive November 2012