We’ve opened a new book on assessment centres!

After being recognised as experts in the field of assessment centre practices, we were asked to contribute to a new book entitled ‘The Psychology of Assessment Centers.’

The book, which was edited by Duncan J. R. Jackson, Charles E. Lance and Brian J. Hoffman, explores research on the reliability and validity of assessment centres. It is split into sections covering three perspectives: Dimension-Based Assessment Centres, Task-Based Assessment Centres, and Mixed-Model Assessment Centres.

Our CEO, Nigel Povah, and our International Business Development Manager, Lucy Povah, have written the first chapter: ‘What are Assessment Centres and How Can They Enhance Organizations?’ They cover a range of topics such as the basic principles, reasons for their popularity, and benefits to individuals and organisations.

We recognise the importance of assessment centres when it comes to finding the right talent, and we strive to educate people on the uses, for example through our webinars. As such, it was a great honour to be asked to contribute to this book, which is now available to buy on Amazon.

We’re sure that readers will see its value and we’d love to hear your feedback. So get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter page to give us your thoughts.

News Archive September 2012