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Preparing for the Apprenticeship Levy – April 2017

From 6th April 2017, the way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing, meaning all employers operating in the UK with an annual PAYE bill of over £3 million will be required to invest in apprenticeships.  These employers will be liable to pay the Apprenticeship Levy, regardless of whether they already employ apprentices or not.  The Levy, set at 0.5% of the annual payroll bill, is payable monthly alongside income tax and national insurance. The target is 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, set out in the Queen’s speech in 2015.

In the latest issue of Graduate Recruiter magazine (February/March 2017), Peter Burnham, Commercial Director at a&dc details how to build a selection process to hire school leaver apprentices.  Highlights include:

  • Capturing interest: building a selection process around the Apprenticeship Levy
  • Five key considerations to look at when developing your selection process for apprentices
  • Avoiding the feedback mountain: using technology to sift more efficiently and create automated feedback
  • Making the Apprenticeship Levy work for you: recruiting for the long-term.

You can read the article in full by clicking here >>

At a&dc we have been preparing for the Apprenticeship Levy for some time and we have a plan. We have already been investing in technology to help improve the recruitment process, to include immersive simulations and tablet-based assessment exercises. The strength of our expert consultants means that we can work with you to develop cost-efficient and effective solutions to ensure you are hiring only the most skilled and committed apprentices.

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