Resilience is key to encouraging more women on boards

When it comes to leadership, arguably one of the most important attributes to have is resilience. We know that top roles can be highly stressful, but if an individual is resilient, they are able to thrive in these conditions. It is also equally important to have diverse leaders in order to avoid ‘group think’ at senior levels – the mindset that they are experts and don’t need to take account of external factors – and bring fresh ideas into your business. With both resilient and diverse individuals in your organisation, it will stand you in good stead to compete in a difficult market.

Research has shown, for example, that boards perform better when there’s female presence. In a study earlier this year, the Credit Suisse Research Institute found that, over the past six years, companies with at least some female board representation outperformed those with no women on the board in terms of share price performance…

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News Archive November 2012