New norm groups now available for the Dilemmas Series™

We have now updated the norm groups for four of the tests in our Dilemmas Series of Situational Judgement Tests: Graduate, Administrative, Customer Service and Call Centre Dilemmas.  Details of the specific norm groups now available for these tests are shown below:

TestNorm GroupSample Size
Graduate Dilemmas         (Form A)A1 – University Students (updated)1,431
A2 – Employed Graduates (updated)1,172
A3 – University Students and Graduates (updated)3,128
A4 – Graduate Applicants (new)1,699
A5 – Public Sector Graduate Applicants (new)1,119
Graduate Dilemmas         (Form B)B1 – University Students and Graduates (updated)582
Graduate Dilemmas        (Form C)C1 – University Students and Graduates (updated)836
Administrative Dilemmas1 – Administrative Staff (updated)1,415
2 – Administrative Applicants (new)3,397
3 – Government & Public Sector Applicants (new)1,174
4 – Retail Industry Applicants (new)236
5 – Health & Medical Industry Applicants (new)182
6 – Hospitality & Leisure Industry Applicants (new)109
Customer Service Dilemmas1 – Customer Service Staff (updated)809
2 – Customer Service Applicants (new)819
3 – Retail Industry Applicants (new)626
4 – Tourism & Leisure Industry Applicants (new)593
5 – Government & Public Sector Applicants (new)144
Call Centre Dilemmas1 – Call Centre Staff160
2 – Call Centre Applicants (new)270

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