New Leadership for a fast-paced World!

Leadership has always been a hot topic for organisations, so much so, that today 90% of CEOs are increasing investment in leadership development. So why is there this huge interest in leadership?

Well, it has always been recognised that leadership drives organisational performance and ensuring successful leadership has never been easy, as many previous failures have shown. However today, organisations are beginning to wake up to the fact that the modern fast-paced world makes even more significant, and often unpredictable, demands on their leaders and there is a growing appreciation of the fact that they need leaders who are capable of performing under these highly challenging circumstances. Those that don’t respond to these challenges, run the risk that their organisations may ultimately fail.

Nigel Povah, CEO of Assessment and Development Consultants (a&dc) provides insight into the current business climate and the challenges facing every organisation and their leaders. No one is exempt from these pressures! He explains the qualities needed for leaders to be able to perform effectively in this modern business world and introduces a&dc’s very own leadership model,LIVED® which he believes provides an answer to how leaders can not only survive but thrive in this challenging environment.

a&dc acknowledge that measuring the impact of effective leaders doesn’t have to be purely financial. They also measure the broader business impact of a given intervention, providing their clients with the ‘greatest certainty’ that their investment is delivering the required results.

News Archive April 2015