How much influence has the recession had on leadership?

The importance of having great leaders is something that all businesses should recognise. And, in the current climate, senior figures have a huge responsibility for ensuring the future success of their companies. But how much influence has the recession really had on the skills and qualities of these individuals? And how can you ensure you have the right talent in top roles for the long term?

Well it’s been suggested that economic uncertainties have created a new range of challenges, which have tested leaders’ abilities and led to a transformation of skills. But, in actual fact, this isn’t a new phenomenon; the leadership developments would have occurred regardless of the economic downturn. Organisations have and always will face challenges that require leaders to adapt in order to compete in the market. And other factors, such as globalisation, improvements in technology and the continuous evolution of the workplace, have played their part in shaping the new attributes of leaders…

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News Archive February 2013