How do you Manage Risk?

How do you build behavioural capability so that leaders are able to role model the right behaviours and drive a risk intelligent decision making culture?

Creating a culture where your leaders can apply good judgement in their own decision making and where they are able to create the right conditions for others to do the same can pay dividends. a&dc’s solutions have:

  • Increased safety performance by 64% and contributed £9,000,000
  • Delivered £1,000,000 per year reduction in insurance claims
  • Reduced annual ‘at fault’ accidents by 7%

“We have gone 35 million man hours without an injury. This is unheard of in our industry. a&dc have played a big part in getting us to where we are today.”  International HSE Director, CB&I

We’re running a free breakfast seminar on May 1st aboard the HMS Belfast in London to discuss this topic in more detail.  Spaces are limited, so make sure to register your interest today:

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