Best Practice in Abundance at the UK Assessment Centre Conference!

November 4-5th 2013 saw the first ever ‘UK Assessment Centre Conference’, which took place at Selsdon Park Hotel and Golf Club in Croydon, Surrey.

Sponsored and run by a&dc, the event had three key aims:

  • To provide a forum for delegates to share best practice and experience with others working in this area
  • To raise the profile of Assessment Centres in the UK
  • To promote best practice standards for Assessment Centres within the UK and around the globe

Around 75 delegates attended with many having travelled from different corners of the globe to hear speakers such as world renowned Professor George C. Thornton III, Charles Woodruffe, our very own behavioural assessment guru, a&dc’s CEO, Nigel Povah, and no less than fifteen other speakers!

Topics included diversity, fairness, feedback delivery, assessment centre exercises, construct validity, quantity of exercises and dimensions, the role of assessment and development centres within the talent management agenda, global talent and global leadership, best practice standards and the need for a ‘UK AC User Group.’

The conference also saw George C. Thornton III being presented with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in recognition of his significant contribution for over 40 years to the field of Assessment Centre practice.

Download the conference slides and abstracts now >>



Above – George C. Thornton III presenting ‘The Construct Validity Debate’

Below – Conference delegates




The UK Assessment Centre Conference delegates, 2013

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