Avon & Somerset Constabulary start new police officer recruitment process

Avon & Somerset Constabulary has completed the first stage of a new recruitment drive for Police Constables. The police force has begun a round of assessment processes to identify the best candidates for the job having been closed for police officer recruitment for the past three years.

This initial sifting stage saw an incredible 3,996 individuals apply for the role.

Anticipating a number of applicants, and with a need to ensure a fair and efficient recruitment process, the force partnered with talent management experts a&dc to produce an online pre-assessment process called SIFT™ (Screening Individuals for Fit and Talent).

Emma Zeeman, Strategic Director of Human Resources at Avon & Somerset Constabulary commented:

“We want to recruit and select the best talent for our future Police Officer roles and that means we need a fair, cost effective and efficient process. Our new online pre-assessment process ensures we select those who best match our behavioural selection criteria from a broad pool of candidates.”

Tim Jackson, Head of Product Sales at a&dc explained more about the process:

“We’ve designed these pre-application assessment tools specifically with the South West Police Consortium in order to help overcome previous challenges around application numbers. The SIFT process includes questions to help candidates understand more about the role, check an individual’s eligibility and identify potential through behaviourally focused assessments. All of this is done through a computerised process to ensure each individual is assessed against the same criteria.”

News Archive March 2013