a&dc welcome Atieh International Group as a new International Partner

This week sees us welcome a new AC-EXS International Partner, Atieh International Group!

Based in Tehran, Iran, Atieh Borna Negar (part of the Atieh International Group) is a consultancy focusing on identification, assessment and management of Talent.  They have extensive experience working in various industry sectors in the region.

Atieh International is a Management Consultancy specialising in emerging markets in the Middle East. They offer long-term solutions in strategy, risk management, stakeholder mapping, human resources services, intercultural communication, talent management, leadership and management development.

Tristan Powell, International Business Development Manager at a&dc said “This is very exciting and significant for a&dc as Atieh will be taking a&dc‘s brand and world class products into a new regions for us.  We are very happy to welcome Atieh to the International Partner Network!”

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