a&dc welcome Optimal Consulting Group as a new International Partner

This week sees us welcome a new International Partner, Optimal Consulting Group

Based in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Japan, Optimal Consulting delivers comprehensive consulting services which allow organisations to translate their strategy into success.

Wan Leng Ho, CEO said “OPTIMAL is the choice provider of leadership and talent assessments and development interventions in Asia. Partnering with a&dc completes our spectrum of assessments and will only mean that we will be the undisputed choice in leadership and talent assessments and development interventions. More importantly, it is our aim to attain the highest level possible by offering the best options to our clients. We look forward to partnering both a&dc and our clients in selecting and developing talent and the next generation leaders.” 

Elaine Lowin, a&dc International Partner Account Manager said “I am delighted to welcome Wan Leng and her team at Optimal Consulting Group to our International Partner network. With their strong psychometric capabilities across Asia, our behavioural solutions are a good complement to the existing service and provide a well balanced approach to the market. I am looking forward to working with them in broadening the online assessment options in Asia. Optimal Consulting Group is an Online Partner offering VirtualAC and other online assessment tools.”

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