a&dc in Turkey!

This month saw our CEO, Nigel Povah, present at an event in Istanbul, hosted by our Turkish partners – Assessment Systems.

Nigel delivered a presentation titled ‘Talent Assessment in a VUCA World!’. The session covered the need for companies to appreciate the VUCA concept and how to address the issues within the current economic climate.

The term ‘VUCA’ was introduced by the US military in the late 1990s to describe the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, which resulted from the end of the ‘Cold War’. It soon became apparent that this concept applied to the world in general, and even before the financial crisis of 2008-9, strategic business leaders began to appreciate that the chaotic, turbulent and rapidly changing business environment, was now the ‘new normal’.

Organizations need to understand this reality and recognize that VUCA is a permanent condition and they won’t be able to adopt a strategic approach to Talent Management unless they can manage and thrive in a VUCA environment.

Executives and HR departments in particular, need to review and rethink how they approach the whole process of Talent Management, including how they go about attracting, recruiting, identifying, developing and retaining talent.

This clearly has significant implications for how best to undertake Talent Assessment, starting with the way in which applicants are attracted and pools of candidates are sifted and rigorously assessed to select the best, and of course it all needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

The presentation will provide an overview of some of the key means of undertaking successful Talent Assessment and a case will be made to emphasize the critical and valuable role that Assessment Centres can play in this process.

News Archive May 2014