a&dc partner with VCA Ltd!

We are delighted to inform you that behavioural assessment and development market leaders a&dc who designed the FRS National Toolkit have now partnered with Vallance Coaching & Assessment (VCA Ltd) the specialist FRS consultancy.

8 years ago, a&dc were commissioned to create the National ADC Toolkit and BARS which are still in use today, but since then there has been no centrally appointed body to continue authorising and funding any refresh or updates of these tools.

With our joint FRS experience, we (a&dc & VCA Ltd) believe that we can work together to support you in different ways to encourage good assessment practice whilst effectively managing the cost.

  • Updates
    New and refreshed ADC Toolkit Exercises were long overdue.  In collaboration with VCA, there will be new tools available to support your development and promotional activity.
  • Access
    a&dc are soon to launch a unique website portal for the Emergency Services, including the Fire & Rescue services, to browse and purchase tailor made exercises, with instant electronic access or paper versions available depending on preferences.
  • Fairness
    With more services using shared materials, there will be a marked improvement in best practice consistency in assessments across the FRS.
  • Confidence
    a&dc have been uniquely associated with FRS ADCs for over a decade and are universally recognised as a core provider of valid assessments in a format you are familiar with.
  • Support
    With the support of a&dc, VCA will continue to provide specialist assessment services.  So whether you need last minute assessors or help marking Inbox Exercises, you get the benefit of psychologists you know plus all the resources you need at your fingertips.
  • Affordability
    a&dc have created a varied pricing structure which fully reflects FRS budgets.
  • Choice
    a&dc can now offer both non FRS and fully validated FRS context exercises, depending on your organisations preference.  Whether it’s a single role-play or inbox task, you can select from exercises which slot easily into your wider assessment process.
  • Streamlining
    The three exercise model has been gathering pace over recent years and a&dc will be able to provide comprehensive assessment materials to match.
  • Collaboration
    The joining forces of two major providers of FRS assessment and development services can only improve the expertise we can bring to your organisation.

For more information, contact Tim Jackson on tim.jackson@adc.uk.com

News Archive January 2015