a&dc CEO, Nigel Povah, talks Leadership in Saudi Arabia

obeikanLast week our founder and CEO, Nigel Povah, travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to visit our partner, Obeikan Knowledge Academy, where he addressed an invited audience of over 30 business leaders on the topic of ‘Leadership in the 21st Century: The need for a new approach!’  His talk covered the nature of the relentless challenges created by the VUCA world and how our LIVED® Leadership model (seen here) can be used to help organisations identify, select and develop leaders for VUCA-readiness.

He explained: “Learning fulfils a central role in the LIVED® model as it has a critical impact on how effectively a leader is able to utilise their ability in each of the other four leadership dimensions – Intellect, Values, Emotions and Drive. However, leaders never operate in a vacuum, and one of the things that determines how they need to act is the culture of the organisation.  Leaders need to be able to align their behaviour to the organisation’s culture and if the culture changes or the leader is new, then they need to adapt in order to ensure that alignment is maintained or achieved. The other major factor that impacts on how a leader needs to perform is the contextThis refers to the circumstances facing that organisation, for example is it in growth, plateauing or in decline; is it facing strong market competition, or is it a clear market leader? There are many factors such as these that determine the challenges confronting the organisation and these make demands on how its leaders need to perform, hence their need to be able to learn and adapt. And probably the most significant influence on an organisation’s context are the challenges arising from the dynamics of the VUCA world.”

His talk was acknowledged as being highly relevant given the recent commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision, championed by Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.

Obeikan Knowledge Academy will be working with organisations within the Kingdom using the LIVED® model to help them identify, select and develop their leaders of tomorrow.

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News Archive June 2016