a&dc CEO, Nigel Povah, to Speak at Assessment Centres Event in June

Thursday 23rd June sees The Psychometrics Forum present ‘The Uses and Abuses of Assessment Centres’ at The Naval Club, Mayfair.  This event is an opportunity to hear leading figures speak about their experiences with and about assessment centres.

a&dc founder and CEO, Nigel Povah will talk about the many positive aspects of Assessment Centres (ACs). His session will cover what constitutes an AC and the numerous different applications for which they are used, with particular reference to the developmental AC, or Development Centre. He will also cover how ACs are sometimes maligned or abused and how this can and should be avoided, particularly as a BPS committee of which he was a member, has recently created a set of UK guidelines to encourage best practice. His talk will also cover how the Assessment Centre is evolving, particularly through the use of technology.

To find out more about the event and to book your place, visit The Psychometrics Forum website here.

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