Vue Case Study: Management Development Programme


Client Profile

Industry: Leisure

Location: Nationwide


Vue recognises that in any climate it makes sense to have a clear talent pipeline, especially for critical business roles, such as General Managers, and that by developing staff to progress into these roles, the business can respond quickly and effectively to situations of unexpected turnover or natural wastage. This also ensures that the company is never without efficient management and therefore remains at a competitive advantage.

Vue’s objective was to design and deliver a development programme for high-potential Managers, to fast-track their progression to Cinema General Managers.


Vue appointed a&dc to create a 1-day launch event that would educate nominated Managers about their strengths and development priorities, whilst motivating and energising them about their future prospects with Vue. The objective for the launch event was to provide individuals with feedback and discuss how they could practically make use of this when back in the workplace.

It was critical to ensure that Managers had high levels of self-awareness before embarking on their year long programme and so the launch event was structured around providing each Manager with individual knowledge about their current strengths and areas for development.

Two tools, a&dc’s 360° Propel feedback and Strengthscope, were picked to create a positive day that would offer ‘real-time’ workplace feedback. These tools also produce ‘easy-to-read’ reports that can be reviewed and understood by the individual after the event. The main output of the day was for individuals to start working on their Personalised Development Plans (PDP) .

The General Manager Development programme involved five further workshops, each lasting two days, and focused on developing leadership skills and enhancing commercial awareness. At each workshop, delegates reviewed key learning points and insights from the 360° and Strengthscope to help them to focus on real and relevant development needs and consolidate their developmental journeys.


By working closely with the HR team, a&dc have been able to support Vue in achieving a sense of direction for their high-potential Managers. All Managers who attended the launch were extremely positive about what they learnt, what they could do to increase their value to Vue and the career development being offered to them.
Specific feedback included:

“The development programme has given my career renewed momentum. Investing time and money in my development strengthens my loyalty to Vue.”

“The programme has made a huge difference to me. Having the feedback and being given the tools and guidance to improve on elements, from presentation and communication skills, to leadership styles and leading others has boosted my confidence and self belief.”