Vodafone Case Study: Online Global Interviewing Library

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Client Profile

Industry Sector: Telecoms

Number of Employees: 60,000 worldwide

Location: Worldwide


Vodafone use competency-based interviewing for assessment and selection in a wide variety of hiring situations and when selecting individuals for promotion and development programmes.

Interviews are carried out by HR professionals and Line Managers across a range of business functions in a number of different countries around the world.

Vodafone has its own set of organisational competencies and related competency based interview questions which are used on a regular basis by its global network of HR Managers. Each time an interview is to be used, resourcing specialists and Line Managers would source the materials and create interview guides for themselves. The combined time spent on creating interview questionnaires meant that a simpler solution was required which would allow recruiters to access the Vodafone interview materials online, as well as storing interview guides for reference and re-use.

In addition, and due to the scale of assessment interviewing undertaken within Vodafone, the organisation also wanted to ensure greater consistency between recruiters and a standardised and consistent approach to competency-based interviewing globally.

a&dc worked with Vodafone to provide an online platform for its competency based interviewing materials based on its off-the-shelf CBI-SMART product which offers standard a&dc interview materials to a growing community of users through an online interface.


a&dc were familiar with the requirement and had already developed a generic tool to address a wider market need in 2007.

The platform had been designed to be flexible enough to allow organisations to customise the product, including their own competencies, questions and examples of positive and negative behaviour to support the marks awarded for each question.

a&dc worked with Vodafone to create two customised CBI-SMART sites, one for use specifically within the UK and one for use globally.  This included amending the site content to reflect Vodafone’s own competencies and also adding in Vodafone specific competency based questions.

Once the requirement and objectives to be achieved were fully understood and agreed, the project could be completed very swiftly.  Since the CBI-SMART platform was already available, a simple customisation project would ensure that a solution was delivered quickly. Each of the sites were ready for use within a week of finalising the design specification.

The bespoke tool can be accessed by any number of users worldwide, and can be translated into various world languages too. Each user is guided through the system by a series of prompts and tips meaning there was no need to deliver formal training, which would have made roll out to over 250 international users unfeasible.

The website interface and all interview documentation created using the tool is branded, and includes Vodafone’s distinctive logo and corporate colours.


Vodafone’s resourcing team has dramatically cut the time spent preparing interviews by using the CBI-SMART tool to access materials and archive interview guides.

The technology helped to improve interview techniques without requiring an additional investment in training, which meant that the solution was cost-effective. All staff can interview to a consistent standard, helping to bridge the gap between those who are seasoned interviewers and those who interview less often.

Incorporated into the tool is best practice advice around conducting Competency Based Interviews which provides users with a useful guide on how to build a successful interview guide which will effectively assess chosen competencies within an interview lasting around an hour.  The tool has encouraged resourcing and hiring managers to really start thinking about their questions more.  It also provides clearer measures against which to rate candidates.

What the client says

“Interview questions are always around Vodafone’s specific performance drivers and competencies so we can make selections around what we really want to home in on.  This is a great time-saving device and makes sure everyone is getting measured equally and fairly.” Michelle Fernandez, Resourcing Manager for Marketing and Corporate Functions Vodafone Group

The new online CBI tool has enabled our resourcing team to save a significant amount of time when preparing and conducting interviews. Not only are we saving time but this has not been at the expense of interview quality. The tool has allowed us to create interviews more quickly without cutting corners. In fact, the overall standard of interviewing consistency has risen.” Carole Driver, UK Resourcing Consultant Vodafone Group