Travis Perkins Case Study: Introducing Management Development 


Client Profile

Industry: Retail

Employees: 24,000

Location: Nationwide


In organisations where there has previously been little focus on developing existing employees, introducing the idea of assessment and the measurement of performance against defined competencies in a positive light can be a real challenge.

Travis Perkins, contacted a&dc to assess the development needs of a team of Managers. A number of objectives for the project were defined.

• Promote awareness of personal strengths and development needs
• Promote a stronger personal learning culture within the team
• Provide a robust personal development plan to take forward
• Highlight high potential individuals
• Increase personal performance


It was necessary to determine the Managers’ strengths and development needs, using a set of relevant competencies.

We conducted Job Analysis, which involved the Managers in completing a questionnaire to express their view of what their job encompasses. Added to this were the views at Director-level about the strategic aims and future direction of the business.

From the data, we were able to identify 8 competencies, which together comprise the core of a success profile for the target role.

Development Centre

A Development Centre was designed to diagnose the training needs using work simulation exercises to assess each competency at least twice.
To make best use of time and budget, we utilised off-the-shelf exercises from our AC-EXS® range. The exercise suite was selected to reflect the level, nature and working environment of the role, and to stretch participants so that clear strengths and development needs could be identified against heightened performance expectations.

Assessor Training

As Travis Perkins chose to use internal Assessors alongside a&dc Consultants, training was delivered to enable all Assessors to manage the assessment process and mark assessment exercises in line with best practice.

Assessor Training also meant that internal Assessors would be able to select and order assessment exercises from the AC-EXS® range independently in future, a further cost saving benefit of becoming a qualified Assessor.


Due to the positive attitude of a&dc Centre Managers and Travis Perkins’ Assessors towards promoting the benefits of the Development Centres, participants were positive, engaged and rated the Centre as a very positive experience.

Development activities for each of the Managers are planned, after which improvements in competencies can be measured again, possibly using a similar Development Centre event. Since Travis Perkins now has a cohort of trained Assessors, they can run this in-house with minimal support from a&dc.

What the client says

“This is the first time we have worked with a&dc at Travis Perkins plc to create a bespoke Development Centre for our managers to support succession, personal and team development. We found them friendly, professional and the quality of their product was excellent. Their immersion in our culture and attention to detail ensured that the development, delivery and follow-up stages were thorough and enjoyable.” Louise Mitchell, Head of Training and Development