Grundfos Case Study: Talent Centre


Client Profile

Industry Sector: Engineering
Location: Denmark


Grundfos recognised the need for a talent development process that would allow them to identify and nurture their talent pipeline. This would allow the company to develop a more dynamic organisational culture that would help them to provide energy efficient technological solutions for an ever growing global population. To do so would require a broadening of their scope led and inspired by its talent of the future.

We worked with Grundfos to design and create an assessment process that would evaluate nominated high performing/high potential Talents to determine whether they had the potential to become ‘Global Talents.’ Grundfos also recognised the need for different types of talent and therefore aimed to classify all Talents into a ‘Talent pool’ as an innovator, specialist or leader.

An important requirement of the Talent centre was that it needed to be based on far more than individuals’ previous experience and line manager rating but also their future potential. To do this, candidates were placed in uncertain and chaotic scenarios that challenged and stretched them whilst still giving them experience of situations that could realistically form part of a global talent’s remit.

Grundfos were also clear that they required a Talent centre that would challenge and test their Talents, but which would also engage them and provide positive learning experiences for the future, offering a tailored and enjoyable experience for all Talents.


Following on from the planning phase, a&dc designed a Talent centre based on ‘day in the life’ principles which provided comprehensive information on each Talent and could be used for assessment and development. The Talent centre measured not only ability but also personality and motivation to provide a holistic picture of each Talent.

The Talent centre itself included a number of challenging scenarios and activities such as a presentation, group discussion, analysis exercise and a crisis management exercise, which allowed specific roles to be tested through realistic connected scenarios. It also allowed time for reflection to enable Talents to consider their experiences and demonstrate their level of learning agility. Following on from this, a Career Success Module prepared Talents for an in depth one-to-one behavioural and psychometric feedback session and the start of a Talent development plan. The Talent centre not only helped Grundfos to identify Talents with the potential to work globally but also provided an opportunity for constructive feedback and networking with colleagues from around the world.


Three years in, we have collated enough data to create a robust analysis of the return on investment of this bespoke Talent centre. By correlating job performance over the three year period with scores from the Talent centre, we were able to estimate that Grundfos have made monetary gains in the region of £539,247*. In comparison, if they had used an approach with zero validity, the return-on-investment would have been negative at -£108,438. As well as developing an assessment model that has allowed Grundfos to nurture and develop the very best talent, the Talent centre has provided a framework that can be updated and developed to keep up to date with the shifting climate and reflect the changing needs of the business.

What the client says

“Our partnership has been typified by both confidence and strong leadership which ensured they met our strict timeframe and a flexibility that enabled them to meet all our criteria while still standing by their principles. The team at a&dc has been 100% dedicated and delivered a programme of exceptional quality to Grundfos.” Marjanne Grønhøj, People & Strategy Partner, Grundfos.

*Based on estimated Talent and Assessor salaries