Exponential-e Case Study: Management Capability and Resilience


Client Profile

Industry Sector: Telecommunications

Location: London

Company Overview

Exponential-e uses its own network to deliver business critical services including Cloud, Voice Services and Connectivity.

From business Internet to Data Centre as a Service, to Cloud Aggregation, organisations large and small are running critical services underpinned by Exponential-e’s technological innovations. The difference between Exponential-e and the rest lies in how it delivers these services. Having its own network means Exponential-e is able to define the way technology is used to deliver multiple services over one connection.

Its powerful 100GigE next generation infrastructure means that, once connected, customers gain access to their own private cloud of business services. Today, Exponential-e employs over 200 staff and works with over 1,200 blue chip corporate clients from industries including Media, Technology, Finance, Public Sector, Insurance, Leisure and Professional Services.

Exponential-e has an extensive channel programme with over 300 channel partners including Carriers, Systems Integrators, Referral Partners and Value Added Resellers. Named as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table four years running, Exponential-e has also registered to participate in the Best Companies Sunday Times List 2012 and Accreditation 2012 survey. This survey is particularly valuable, as it includes a ‘management’ component.


Exponential-e wanted to invest in a management development training programme for their middle managers. The company was growing very quickly and doubled employee numbers in less than three years. This massive growth meant that the management pool expanded and there was a need to support these managers and build their resilience through these changing times. With a vision as outlined overleaf, it was clear that this was an ambitious and fast moving company.

Vision: Be recognised as Europe’s most advanced and innovative technology enabler and to establish a reputation for ‘service & innovation’ by enhancing the corporate end-user experience. To achieve £100m valuation by 2013 and be listed in the Sunday Times Top 100 employers to work for.


Exponential-e was looking for;
• A programme tailored to align with the organisational culture, strategic goals, corporate language and people of Exponential-e
• An experienced and reliable provider to support the design and delivery of this programme to ensure successful implementation and results
• A provider large enough to offer a number of trainers and facilitators, but small enough to give a personal approach

a&dc scoped out the programme with Exponential-e: four days of workshops were designed with supporting workbooks. The programme was delivered for three cohorts of managers over 6 months, combining various tools and techniques to ensure the workshops were interactive, suited different learning styles and would be transferable back to the workplace.

Various diagnostics were included in the programme in order to build self awareness, including a&dc’s Resilience QuestionnaireTM. This enabled managers to understand the ways in which they are resilient and begin building their resilience toolkit to assist themselves, their team and the business through future growth.


Each session was evaluated and feedback gained so that a&dc could continuously improve and respond to the audience needs. Delegates were of varying levels of experience but all took something useful from the sessions and had the opportunity to discuss issues as a management team and plan for the future.

Sample of quotes from delegates include;
“At last, a programme where it feels like the goal is to help me develop rather than to sell to me!”

“The most useful parts for me were; How to Give Feedback, Good Coaching vs Training. Understanding How I can Improve My Resilience Profile, Understanding the Change Curve and How to Help People to go Through it.”

“I intend to move from a supporting role to more of a delegator role. I will start the process tomorrow.”

“[I now understand] my own personal skills gaps and how improving them will breed success personally and within the team.”

“Excellent course and extremely beneficial, as I have never had any managerial training. It also forced me to look at myself as a manager to see my flaws.”

“Well presented, timed well, right balance of being talked at and being involved in interaction.”

Exponential-e is looking at various ways of monitoring the success of management training over time. The biggest impact they hope to see is increased engagement with staff as they make strides from Exponential-e 1.0 to 2.0. This transformation programme over the next three years will result in the company evolving from a fixed line operator (1.0 model) to an ICT/Systems Integrator (2.0 model).

a&dc Perspective

“Working in partnership with Exponential-E, we produced an interactive, robust and effective programme to develop their managers. Through continually strengthening our understanding of their needs, we have been able to support Exponential-e in all aspects of the ongoing programme.”  Kate Sobczak, Managing Consultant, a&dc

What the Client says

a&dc have delivered the programme we wanted, and the feedback has been excellent. Importantly, they have understood our business needs, designed the content accordingly and worked with us as a partner, not just a provider.”  Robert Hicks, HR Director, Exponential-e