Client Profile

Industry Sector: Retail
Location: UK

The Challenge

CAYSH, like many charity organisations, have to be proactively attentive and responsive to changes in the political, social and environmental factors that influence their services. When change in any of these areas leads to strategic developments within your own organisational structure, it can often mean re-evaluating your talent management resources.

CAYSH recognised the need to clarify what success looks like on a behavioural level for every role within the organisation. This was driven by a desire to demonstrate commitment to people development for everyone. It was also driven by a desire for line managers to own this process with a more clear understanding of the behavioural skills they should be seeking to develop and utilise within their teams.

a&dc was selected as an external partner to support the creation of a new organisation-wide competency framework which reflected the new reality of CAYSH’s workplace, in addition to their core values. a&dc was chosen due to:

  • Our leadership in the field of behavioural assessment and development
  • Our proven track record of developing accurate and useful competencies
  • Our team’s inclusive, collaborative and engaging approach to role research

The Solution

Our proposal to take a bottom-up approach to the design of the framework was quickly signed off. The rationale for this approach was significant; CAYSH wanted all staff to have input in order to create a sense of ownership and empowerment (over their professional development, and ensuring the right criteria would be used for future hires). From our experience, we could confidently predict that this would ensure accuracy in the model, as it would have consulted all manner of subject matter experts.

Our approach started by gathering as much information as possible from front-line staff, individual contributors and even service users. To facilitate this, we used our Online Job Analysis Questionnaire, branded for CAYSH. We achieved an impressive 57% response rate across the entire organisation.

The results were analysed and the major themes were put onto cue cards, used in engaging focus group activities with front-line staff and then front-line managers. Again, information from this stage was collated, analysed and used to inform the next stage. This meant our consultants’ questions for senior managers and board members in one-to-one interviews were guided by information gathered from across the organisation.

This finally gave us enough information to conduct overall thematic analyses on our data and create the first draft of the competency framework. a&dc and the steering group at CAYSH met to evaluate the titles, definitions and specific indicators. We scrutinised the language carefully to ensure the model made sense to its end users. We even had enough data to provide more detailed definitions for the way people can observe others living CAYSH’s values.

The Results

Our efforts resulted in the launch of an overarching 12-competency framework.  a&dc provided continued support during the launch by designing workshops (and training the CAYSH steering group to be their facilitators) enabling managers to observe, coach and develop behavioural skills in their reportees.

Over the past 6 months, CAYSH have been delivering the programme across all aspects of their managerial population.  During this time, a&dc’s Marketing team also created some supporting artwork to illustrate the framework at CAYSH HQ.

What the client says

“As this was a new initiative for CAYSH, it was important that we chose a partner that could quickly grasp our values as an organisation and help us to design a Competency
Framework that was unique to us. As a person centred organisation, it was vital that we involved our people and our service users in the process. a&dc rose to the challenge and
it became evident in the early stages that we had chosen well. The team were a pleasure to work with. They were able to translate the ethos of CAYSH and drive the research and
design stages in a planned and logical way. The project planning was excellent, equally so, the skills and qualities of the people involved in designing and delivering the final outcomes. a&dc delivered what they set out to and CAYSH now has a tool that underpins its Talent Management Strategy and its associated objectives.” Mikala Ayres, Head of HR and Talent, CAYSH and CAYSH Enterprise CIC