Blind in Business Case Study: Assessment Centre Practice for Graduates


Client Profile

Industry sector: Not for Profit

Number of employees: 4

Location: London, UK


Recent statistics show that only 43% of visually impaired Graduates enter into full-time paid employment compared to 55% of non-disabled Graduates, highlighting the barriers that still exist in the employment market for those with visual impairments.

Blind in Business is a small charity whose Training Services help visually impaired students to develop the confidence and skills to consider further education, providing them with a greater chance of securing a more successful and rewarding career.

a&dc were contacted by Clare Young, Employment Manager from Blind in Business as they sought to initiate an interactive assessment day to enable visually impaired Graduates to experience a typical Assessment Centre.


a&dc worked with Blind in Business to customise AC-EXS Exercises to meet the specific needs of the individual candidates. These adaptations included different increases to the font size, transcriptions into Braille and also using a ‘reader and scribe’ system whereby an administrator clearly reads the Exercise while the candidate recorded their thoughts on a Braille note taker and followed the Braille version of the Exercise.

At the one-day event, visually impaired Graduates participated in a number of Simulation Exercises which assessed key competencies, as would be required by prospective employers for a variety of job roles.

The event was attended by 3 a&dc Consultants who advised on the proper administration of Exercises, as well as objective scoring and candidate feedback.

Clare Young from Blind in Business commented that, “practicing Assessment Centre Exercises is important for any Graduate especially for those who are visually impaired.  This Assessment Centre event allowed candidates to identify whether their requested Exercise format allowed them to compete equally with others”. Andy Flack, Employment Manager.


This proved to be an excellent opportunity for the Graduates taking part to allow them both to develop a more in depth understanding of what would be required of them as a candidate on an Assessment Centre and also for them to trial different test formats.

It also enabled a&dc to learn more about how to adapt our Exercises for those with visual impairments.

This event demonstrated that with careful planning, appropriate design and adapted delivery techniques, the playing field can be levelled for people with visual impairments.

What the client says

Having worked alongside a&dc for many years, we recognise that AC-EXS Assessment Centre Exercises represent the industry standard in realistic and objective work simulations. As well as trusting the integrity of the Exercises themselves;  I had confidence that, as experts in this field,  a&dc would design and implement Assessment Centres of the highest standard, giving our Graduates’ the best possible preparation for the ‘real thing’.”  Andy Flack, Employment Manager, Blind in Business