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  • Administrative Dilemmas Overview

    Literature Download

    Administrative Situational Judgement Test for sifting

  • Management Dilemmas Overview

    Literature Download

    Management Situational Judgement Test for sifting, assessment and development

  • Apollo Technical Overview

    Literature Download

    Technical overview of a&dc‘s online assessment platform, Apollo

  • Graduate Assessment Brochure

    Literature Download

    a&dc‘s Graduate Assessment process – from application to appointment

  • Leadership Assessment Brochure

    Literature Download

    Make the right executive decision – tomorrow’s leaders, identified today

  • a&dc Products Overview

    Literature Download

    A one-page overview of a&dc‘s product range

  • AIM – People Strategy Brochure

    Literature Download

    a&dc‘s AIM model embodies proven methods for helping our clients to achieve their business goals through the power of aligned people practices.

  • Call Centre Dilemmas Overview

    Literature Download

    Situational Judgement Test for sifting help desk and call centre roles

  • AC-EXS Catalogue Supplement

    Literature Download

    New Exercises in addition to our 8th Edition Catalogue

  • Graduate Assessment – Getting the Best out of Your Exercises

    Advice Guides

    This advice guide looks at the different types of Assessment Centre exercises available and how you might use them.