Emerging trends in Talent Management: 5 ways to captivate candidate


Captivating top talent will look different for you than for any other organisation because your organisation is different. In our webinar you will discover the latest assessment technology trends, helping you re-imagine your assessments. You’ll learn about the risks, benefits, and applications of:

  • Virtual Assessment Centres
  • App Based Delivery
  • Dynamic Multimedia Group Discussions
  • Games Based Assessment
  • Virtual Reality Assessment

Why sign up?

  • Expand your knowledge – be aware of the emerging trends and really understand the pros and cons of cutting edge approaches
  • Combat the technology ‘fear factor’ – we know that new technologies can seem complex – listen to expert advice on maintaining assessment rigour whilst embracing new methodologies
  • Interact – we pride ourselves on our collaborative expertise – that means you can ask our experts on the webinar all of your questions.

Tuesday 12 December  at 12 noon GMT