LIVED Emerging & Mid-Level Leaders Public Programme



In a world of constant change and uncertainty, emerging and mid-level leaders need to ensure they are constantly learning and developing holistic skills to effectively combat this ‘new normal’.  Specifically the skills for success are focused on leader’s Learning, Intellect, Values, Emotions and Drive (LIVED).  The key to this success is to then apply their learning to create agile teams that can deal with complex and ambiguous challenges.e LIVED Development Programme will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to deal with your business challenges in this fast paced and complex world!


The Programme takes 6 months to complete from start to finish, including six face-to-face meetings and four 1:1 telephone coaching sessions throughout the process.



The programme begins with a one hour scoping call for us to understand your current and future leadership opportunities and challenges.  This is then followed by a webinar ‘Kick Off event’ so you can ‘meet’ other delegates.

You complete the LIVED 360 feedback questionnaire prior to attending the LIVED Workshops.

After the kick-off you will meet with the Facilitator and Peers during your face-to-face meetings.


Non-residential – £5,000 + VAT

Residential – £6,360 + VAT

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