Professional Interviewing


Advanced level Competency Based Interviewing (CBI), including design and coaching in CBI techniques.


A 2-day non-residential course

Designed for

Providing more detail and depth than our Introductory course, delegates are provided with greater opportunity for interaction and are taught techniques in question design and coaching.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of an interview in the context of the selection process
  • Demonstrate an awareness of issues such as fairness, Adverse Impact and Equal Opportunities
  • Explain the basis of a Competency Based Interview and the principles from which it is derived
  • Use the appropriate tools to prepare for an interview and identify questions in readiness for an interview practice session
  • Demonstrate their ability to use Competency Based Interviewing techniques in practice
  • Explain how the data collected during a Competency Based Interview is classified and evaluated to support effective decision making in selection, and demonstrate this in practice
  • Effectively design and conduct Competency Based Interviews

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