Centre Administrator Skills


An in-house course which gives support staff the skills they need to provide effective administrative support at your Assessment or Development Centres.


This course usually runs as a 1-day event.

Designed for

Staff who are required to provide administrative support at Assessment & Development Centres. It is not aimed at those who wish to act as Assessors or design Assessment Centres or Assessment Centre Exercises.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the key principles of Assessment & Development Centres
  • Describe a Centre Administrator’s role during an Assessment/Development Centre process
  • Describe the key skills and tasks required for the role of Centre Administrator
  • Describe the different types of Exercises, assessments and activities that are used on Assessment & Development Centres
  • Administer different types of Assessment Centre Exercises to Participants
  • Help the Centre Manager to run an Assessment or Development Centre with minimal guidance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of pre and post Assessment and Development Centre activities
  • Manage the resources required to run an Assessment or Development Centre

This course is run in-house for your organisation – please contact us for pricing and more information