Assessment Fundamentals Training Course (TUOA & TUOP, formerly Level A & B)


This ground-breaking new course provides an engaging and practical overview of all the key themes, challenges and considerations in using human capital assessments and prepares you fully, for effectively using, the widest range of instruments within your organisation. We are passionate about the digitisation of assessment and the way in which this can impact positively on your HR processes, we hope you leave this programme as excited as we are, about the impact you will have on your organisation’s talent.

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4 days face-to-face with experienced assessment practitioners – a great balance of instructive, practical, tutorial and smaller group work.

Designed for

Anyone who wants to have British Psychological Society (BPS) assessment accreditation that provides in-depth knowledge and certification in the widest range of market leading assessment products including, our a&dc VirtualAC™ assessment platform, Pearson’s Watson-Glaser and the 16pf® assessment.

As we have the world’s widest range of multi-publisher assessments through the PAN platform, the course is also designed to provide an introduction to:

  • Hogan’s HPI and MVPI: Narrative Reports
  • JCA’s Emotional Intelligence Profile: Snapshot Profile

At the end of the course you will be eligible for the British Psychological Society’s TUOA & TUOP (formerly Level A & B) qualification.


This course gives you:

  • The widest range of assessments anywhere. Access the 16pf assessment (PSI), Watson-Glaser, RANRA & Ravens (Pearson), the Emotional Intelligence Profile, Snapshot Report (JCA), Hogan HPI and MVPI Narrative Reports (excluding Insights Reports and HDS) and VirtualAC (a&dc – a PSI business)
  • World-leading technology. Be adept in putting technology to work for you with authoring tools, personalised reporting, candidate dashboards and much more.
  • Insight into Best Practice. Become proficient and confident in using the right assessment to support your organisational objectives.
  • Learning that sticks. Engaging trainers with real-life insight plus experiential and e-learning.

The public programme will typically focus on combining Pearson’s Watson-Glaser, the 16pf assessment and JCA’s Emotional Intelligence Profile Snapshot Report. However, an in-house course (minimum 4 delegates), allows the flexbility to design course content which aligns to the assessments and reports you would like to access.

Next dates

11 – 14 June 2018

24 – 27 September 2018

19 – 22 November 2018

Price and booking

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