Innovative escape room assessment

PSI and clueQuest – partnering to give you original assessment solutions using escape rooms

PSI and clueQuest have partnered to provide an innovative assessment solution using an escape room experience. An escape room is a live adventure game where participants have 60 minutes to escape the room using teamwork, communication and logic to gather clues and solve puzzles.

Are your assessments experiential and robust?

Ultimately you need to ensure a great fit to the role, whether that be within a selection scenario, a promotion scenario, or developing core competencies to get a team or team member to where they need to be to support your organisational goals. clueQuest design fresh assessment solutions using escape rooms that target your objectives, using a whole host of content and experiences.

clueQuest’s award winning assessment centres for recruitment use real-life scenarios to test candidates and assess core competencies. The escape room experience as part of your solution instantly boosts candidate engagement for assessment and is an ideal development tool for team development at any level.

Why use an escape room assessment?

  • Assesses core behaviours – provides an accurate picture of certain behaviours under pressure, giving you valuable insight as part of the assessment process.
  • Provides an engaging experience – the environment is new, exciting and fun! Whilst at the same same key competencies and behaviours are still being measured.
  • Boosts your employer brand – whether for selection or development, assessing in a new experiential way means that participants associate your brand with fresh and original ways of working.

Escape rooms – creative yet effective assessment and development solutions

Using cutting-edge assessment technology, content from top brand publishers, as well as our own tried-and-tested content, or creating custom content, means that we provide the best assessment and development solutions to inspire you and your teams.  We can help you:

  • Power your high volume recruitment – use our online and multimedia sifting solutions to assess your talent pool. As part of the assessment centre, observe candidates within the clueQuest escape room to get a picture of real behaviours under pressure.
  • Enhance engagement – teamed up with our engagement questionnaire, hosting an escape room assessment event can give you valuable data on the level of engagement within a team.
  • Build resilience – in conjunction with our resilience questionnaire, you can actively view a candidate’s ability to deal with setbacks and challenges using the escape room assessment experience.
  • Inspire leaders – get under the skin of behavioural drivers using the 16pf questionnaire, and then create a team escape room assessment experience to bring immediate impact and long-term behavioural change.

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