e-Valuate® for Development Centres

Streamlines your assessment and development centres

Also used in assessment centres, e-Valuate® enables you to run your development centres on iPads or laptops – saving you time, money and resources.  What’s more, you can gather and analyse all of your data in one place to generate validity, benchmarking and evaluation evidence.

Why use e-Valuate?

Hold all of you organisation’s competencies, indicators, timetables, assessment materials and interviews in one place:

  • Saving you money – eliminate the need for printing and courier costs
  • Ensuring that everything runs smoothly at the centre – track your timetable and see live scores as they come into the system
  • Increasing security and governance – store all of your materials within the system for global consistency and security behind password protection

“The day was seamless with e-Valuate and ran brilliantly. Moving forward this system is certainly going to save us time and the feedback that it provides the candidates with is fantastic!”  Lynda Jackson Early Careers Recruitment Team, Tesco

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