Management Development

Developing Managers who can Translate Strategy into Performance

An effective manager is able to understand and interpret strategy, demonstrate people management based on core values and provides direction for the team, giving them the ability to deliver the required goals.

When a&dc designs a management development programme or standalone topic, we seek to understand the critical goals of your organisation.  We identify who in your organisation is vital to delivering these goals and finally, and most importantly, we work with you to understand the skills and behaviours that your managers need to display in order to ensure that your key goals are delivered. We use this information as the basis to design development initiatives that will deliver individual and business benefits by focusing on behavioural change. We help you transform business behaviours, thereby improving the results your managers achieve, and ultimately the results of your organisation.

At a&dc, we ensure that what we design and deliver truly reflects your business needs and the individual needs of the delegates by using our development design principles to guide the design of our management and leadership development. Our approach to design means that all of our development programmes are interactive and engaging, use multiple methods of delivery, enhance learning retention and provide delegates with honest feedback that challenges and encourages them to learn and develop. As leaders in behavioural assessment and development, our expertise in behaviour means our development design focuses on delivering lasting behavioural change through the use of simulation based learning approaches. This enables delegates to test out their newly learnt skills in a safe environment and receive feedback to further support their learning to transfer back to the workplace.

a&dc has designed various leadership and management development programmes and standalone topics that incorporate face-to-face modules, skills practice and feedback, live and pre-recorded webinars, coaching and mentoring sessions and live business projects to support the development of the following topics:

  • Personal and Organisational Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Behavioural Observation and Feedback Skills
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Managing Change
  • Risk Intelligent Decision Making
  • Team Forming and Development
  • Secrets of Successful Leaders
  • Networking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Strategic Influencing

“I got more out of this session [simulation based learning] than out of another provider’s year long leadership development programme!”
Delegate, Hyde Housing

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