LIVED® Leadership Coaching

Transferring leadership learning into results

Offered as part of our LIVED® Development Programme, LIVED Leadership Coaching offers participants the chance to sustain and embed learning, focusing on:

  • reviewing and resetting goals
  • enhancing the understanding of how the programme’s key models and concepts can be applied to day-to-day leadership issues
  • encouraging participants to establish accountability and take action

Group leadership coaching

As part of the standard LIVED Development Programme, group coaching offers:

  • a further opportunity for delegates to take advantage of peer learning with others and tap into the collective wisdom of the group
  • more time to reflect and integrate their insights
  • support in the transfer and application of learning

One-to-one leadership coaching

Additional one-to-one coaching is offered as a recommended, but not mandatory element within the development programme.  It has a similar purpose top that of Group Coaching, but with a particular focus on enabling progress towards overall Programme Development Goals.

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