Development Centres

Development centres allow you to evaluate participants’ performance in their current roles against a set of competencies so that you can identify strengths and development needs. The development centre process also allows high potential individuals to be pinpointed for future promotion or fast track development as part of succession planning.

Our development centres are designed using a mix of business simulation exercises, either designed bespoke for you, or selected from our ready-to-use AC-EXS range. These are often supplemented by the inclusion of psychometric tests to examine a participant’s motives, talents and personal values.

They involve activities to help participants to gain the most benefit from their feedback and encourage them to take part in post-centre learning. The individual is then prepared to begin the process of real behavioural change, to the benefit of both the individual and the organisation.

a&dc have delivered the programme we wanted, and the feedback has been excellent. Importantly, they have understood our business needs, designed the content accordingly and worked with us as a partner, not just a provider.”
Robert Hicks, HR Director, Exponential-e

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