Development Services

    • LIVED® Leadership Development
    • LIVED Leadership Development Developing VUCA ready leaders a&dc’s LIVED leadership development programme helps organisations develop their current and future leaders, equipping them with the skills to handle challenges in this ever changing world. The modules are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, enabling participants to learn from each other and share experiences, in addition […]
    • LIVED® Leadership Coaching
    • Transferring leadership learning into results Offered as part of our LIVED® Development Programme, LIVED Leadership Coaching offers participants the chance to sustain and embed learning, focusing on: reviewing and resetting goals enhancing the understanding of how the programme’s key models and concepts can be applied to day-to-day leadership issues encouraging participants to establish accountability and […]
    • Management Development
    • Developing Managers who can Translate Strategy into Performance An effective manager is able to understand and interpret strategy, demonstrate people management based on core values and provides direction for the team, giving them the ability to deliver the required goals. When a&dc designs a management development programme or standalone topic, we seek to understand the critical goals […]
    • Development Centres
    • Development centres allow you to evaluate participants’ performance in their current roles against a set of competencies so that you can identify strengths and development needs. The development centre process also allows high potential individuals to be pinpointed for future promotion or fast track development as part of succession planning. Our development centres are designed […]