‘Made to Measure’ Leadership Development: Five Keys to Success

Published August 25, 2015

I’m writing this immediately following a visit to my local optician for an eye test. The sales assistant helped me to find the right frame to fit the recommended lenses, then carefully measured it to ensure a good fit. In return, I handed over my hard earned cash and anticipated an excellent return on investment (less eye strain, sharper focus on the words on my computer screen etc).

So here’s an interesting question: In a continuing climate of budget constraints, how realistic is it that any organisation can afford to invest in something as bespoke as my new glasses?

I’ve just finished reading the excellent ‘Primal Leadership – Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence’ by Daniel Goleman. On the topic of designing leadership development programmes, he states that “too often these (programmes) present a fixed cookie cutter agenda”.

Not at all like the experience of buying my new glasses! Instead, he suggests that “leadership development best succeeds with a process and not a programme”.

This is where a&dc’s LIVED® leadership model offers a high quality, yet cost-effective solution. It’s based on our continuing research into behaviours needed to successfully navigate today and tomorrow’s VUCA world. You can read further details about VUCA and LIVED® here on a&dc’s website.

We’ve crafted our approach to developing LIVED® leaders using five core principles:

1. Carefully contextualising the modules’ practical exercises, tools and case-studies to fit the context in which delegates exercise their leadership.

2. Adapting the approach for the level of course delegates in the leadership pipeline.

3. Designing the programme in accordance with best practice principles.

4. Ensuring delegates take accountability for learning and commit to change.

5. Providing flexible options for continued development, eg through 1-1 coaching and action learning.

Any leadership development process represents a huge investment; not just of the financial budget, but also in the time devoted by your present and future leaders. So, in the same way as I needed to be sure I was buying the very best glasses to improve my sight, organisations want to be sure that leadership development will offer the greatest certainty of a return on your investment.

So, have you considered nominating any of your current or potential leaders to participate in our Open LIVED® Leadership Development Course? Similar to how my optician suited my individual needs with glasses that ‘fit the bill’, we’re confident that our ‘made to measure’ approach to leadership development will deliver 100% satisfaction. We can even go one step further and scope a fully bespoke, in-house process with you.

We look forward to equipping your leaders with the practical tools and strategies for the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow!

Author: Karen West

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