Introduction to Online Assessment

Introduction to Online Assessment
Published August 28, 2014

It’s hard to be entirely objective when assessing a large number of job candidates, given the need to process applications rapidly and identify the top candidates before they go elsewhere.

So how can you tackle this problem and identify the very best from a high volume of candidates in an accurate, reliable and – crucially – consistent way?

a&dc’s online assessment tools could be the answer, as they can quickly measure an applicant’s decision-making and personality characteristics to assess how well they fit the requirements of the role they are going for.

You don’t just need to take our word for it about its effectiveness, as there are plenty of public and private sector organisations that have seen online assessment deliver results for them.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary, for example, turned to a&dc to produce an assessment process to find the best of the candidates seeking police constable positions in an efficient and fair way (Read more about it in the library section of our website).

Selecting those who matched its behavioural selection criteria proved so successful that other police forces across the UK have adopted the same approach to find new recruits.

Of course, the needs of every organisation will be different, so our Screening Individuals for Fit and Talent (SIFT) process can be tailored to each one accordingly.

This means you can benefit from a solution that fits all your requirements and one that is highly convenient and easy to use.

Ultimately, finding the best people early on can significantly reduce the chances of you hiring the wrong ones and then spending money on going through the recruitment process all over again when they leave or are shown the door.

And if you are bringing in high-quality candidates from the start, your business can reap the rewards of their skills, expertise and personal qualities straight away and hopefully thrive in the future.


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