Introduction to Leadership & Management Development (LIVED)

Introduction to Leadership & Management Development
Published August 22, 2014

The best businesses manage their operations in a very strategic way so they can achieve pre-set targets. So why are so many organisations failing to apply the same philosophy to workforce planning?

After all, picking people with the right skills and attributes can go a long way towards helping firms in all sectors reach their goals. It can enable them to bring in the expertise they need at the right time and ensure their future needs are anticipated and prepared for.

Here at a&dc, we have a Leadership Development Programme that can help you address all these issues, so you can assess your current leaders, identify who could rise to the top in the future and develop a strategy that meets the needs of your organisation.

We believe there are five elements of effective leadership – Learning, Intellect, Values, Emotions and Drive. By mastering all these elements, your business can benefit from the skills and experience of highly well-rounded leaders.

Asda is one good example of a brand that has chosen to take advantage of our expertise in leadership development and assessment, so it’s a sign that no firm is too big to make improvements at the top and set itself up for the future.

This is an important point to make as many company bosses and HR managers might view “talent management” as a fairly abstract term, as it’s not exactly something that can have its own column on the balance sheet.

But surely developing a reliable leadership pipeline and ensuring every manager is working towards a specific goal is a no-brainer for any firm with long-term growth aspirations.

When you consider how much money your business is spending on salaries, benefits, recruitment and training, it makes total sense to ensure you are engaging your employees and putting them in the best possible position to help your firm thrive.

Check out the a&dc website for more information on our Leadership and Management Development Programme and how you can sign up.


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