Introduction to Assessment for Selection and Recruitment

Assessment for Selection and Recruitment
Published August 22, 2014

As an employer, you will judge any existing and prospective members of staff on their skills and experience. But how good an indication is that of how well they will perform in a particular role?

After all, being told the right things on a CV or in a job interview doesn’t automatically mean you are going to get a top candidate.

That’s why many firms have sought to dig deeper, turning to specialists here at a&dc to get more of an insight into what makes these people tick.

By assessing them through structured interviews, psychometric tests and business simulations, we’ve helped all sorts of organisations to find the best people.

The benefit of this are clear. By getting the right employees in place, organisations can focus on what’s really important to them – ensuring they are in a good position to thrive and move forwards.

We’ve had lots of satisfied clients from both the public and private sectors and if you click through to our library, you’ll get to see specific case studies of how our services have really helped.

Of course, people in charge of the hiring process will often have a fixed view of where their firm is at the moment and where they see it going in the future.

But they’re often so closely involved that it can be hard to take a step back and make evidence based selection decisions.

This is where we come in. Here at a&dc we’ll make a fair and objective assessment of every single candidate to see how they measure up against the requirements of the job, and how well-placed they are to adapt should the role or operating environment demand it.

Read further for more information on our assessment methods and see how they could benefit your organisation.

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