Group discussion exercises for the digital age

Business Sim Webinar - Group discussion exercises for the digital age
Published January 3, 2017

Group discussion exercises have long been a successful method of assessing and developing candidates. They allow you to assess a wide range of competencies, including how the individuals respond to and react to others, important for identifying suitability for the role and assessing cultural fit within your organisation. Some of these skills, such as managerial qualities, decision making and interpersonal skills, may not have been picked up during other stages of the recruitment process. In terms of development, monitoring a wide range of competencies can help you to quickly identify any areas that require development and highlight employees you may want to fast track for management.

In this digital age new information is constantly available to us, and part of being able to manage this ‘information overload’ is knowing how to sift out what’s important and relevant, and being able to flex and adapt to these constant changes. There are multiple sources of information, from news articles and emails, to online messaging, texts and social media, to name a few.  Being able to assess candidates in a group discussion exercise that takes account of digital developments is vital for ensuring you are hiring and developing the right candidates and employees for today’s digital age.

That is why, here are a&dc, we have developed Business Sim®, a group exercise that embraces the digital age. By using video, information in different digital formats (such as news articles, emails, online messaging, texts and social media), can be presented during the group discussion exercise for the participants to act upon. These interruptions are a good way to measure flexibility, openness to change and stress tolerance; skills that are difficult to assess with traditional group discussion exercises. By using digital media as part of a group discussion exercise, not only are you giving them a realistic preview of the role, you are assessing how they perform in an environment that is relevant for today’s digital age.

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