The first time AI is mentioned at DOP?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) made an appearance at the DOP conference this year.
Published February 8, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) made an appearance at the DOP conference* (for the first time perhaps?) this year.

Robert Hoffman, from the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, provided a fascinating overview of his work in this space, including some of the misconceptions about AI and how it is likely to impact the world of work. He challenged some of the ‘myths of automation’, not least that automation is likely to eliminate jobs, providing the example of the type writers as a way in which humans, organisations and roles adapt to accommodate the introduction of new technologies.

Fiona Butcher (dstl) brought some of this to life in terms of her research on the use of Artificial Intelligence to support decision making in the military, particularly centred around the factors that influence trust in AI. Given the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence within assessment, it was interesting to reflect on how trust of candidates and clients is likely to influence its adoption and acceptability.

One way to increase trust in any assessment or assessment process is to be open about the rigorous science that underpins it. The less AI or any emerging technology is seen as a ‘black box’, the more we can move forward with innovative – yet evidence-based – solutions.

Author: Philippa Riley

* Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference 2018

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